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ITM Computer Services

Network Installation & Fault Rectification

If you want to get on the Internet or link to other computers in your home or office you will need a network connection, it is important that these are set up correctly with the right security settings to stop hackers entering your system and stealing your valuable information.

Should you already be connected but are experiencing network problems, ITM Computer Services can assist by diagnosing and fixing any connection issues to restore a healthy network and on-line experience

Parental Control

The Internet can be a dangerous place for children and sometimes even adults, however children can be easily lead into awkward situations such as pornography and other adult related web sites that you may not want them to view. Time is another factor, often children spend too much time surfing the web when they should be doing other things like homework, therefore Parental Control is a must to avoid these situations.  

Wired, Wireless, Security & Problem Solving

You may be new to networking or just want to get into surfing the web, but how do you go about it? will it be best to go wired or wireless? what equipment do I need? and what security settings should I use? All these are questions that need answering and to the novice may seem daunting.

ITM Computer Services can advise you what equipment you need and what connections will be best to suit your circumstances, we can then set it all up including security ensuring you are safe when on line.

  Whatever the problem ITM Computer Services have the knowledge and experience to help, click here for assistance now  


The Solution

ITM Computer Services know how important it is to protect your children while on line but unfortunately not all Internet sites and users share our concern. Many Internet sites are not suitable for our youngsters and therefore as parents we need to make sure we do all we can to protect our children from the nasties that are present on the world wide web.

ITM can install parental control on the computer/s that your children use and these can be set - up so that unsuitable sites are banned from sight. We can also set the computers up to only give access to the Internet when you want them too and for a set time, you decide how far you wish to go.

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