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ITM Computer Services

Computer Health & Diagnosis

On any computer related problem we first need to know the symptoms this is why we carry out a thorough inspection of the operating system, software and the computer hardware to establish what is required to bring your once working computer back to its full potential.  

Virus & Spyware

Virus and spyware infections can easily be installed on your computer from the Internet or infected files or discs borrowed from a friend. Often this happens without your knowledge as these files can show themselves as genuine programs or seemingly harmless forms that ask you to install a file to help your computer run properly. Unfortunately once installed these rogue programmes overtake your computer and can run files behind the scenes collecting information such as your bank account details and other important data.  

Unfortunately when computers become infected the virus or malware will not want to be found or removed easily this is why they embed themselves deep in your system to avoid detection.

ITM has the latest software and detailed knowledge to detect and remove the most stubborn of programs, therefore leaving your computer free from infection.

Sluggish or Slow Computers

Can you remember when you first got your computer how fast it was? Well over time things can slow down due to the installation and deletion of software, the operating system not functioning correctly or you have been infected with a virus or other malware.

ITM will analyse your system, find the cause and return your once fast computer back to a usable state.

Terms & Conditions

Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad & iPod Repairs

All Apple equipment is designed to look great and run efficiently for the most part they do, however they do go wrong and they can also get infected by virus attacks contrary to popular belief.

iPhone, iPad & iPods can also have their issues one of the most common is cracked or broken screens, at ITM we can carry out any repair or replace any screen.

ITM Computer Services have the experience to quickly repair and restore your Apple to full working order and designed appearance.

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