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ITM Computer Services

On-Going Support & Maintenance

ITM Computer Services can provide a full support and maintenance program for your computer system wether it be for home or business, we provide regular remote maintenance or site visits to inspect systems and software to prevent possible problems. If things should go wrong we can provide urgent support to sort out any issues quickly, therefore giving you piece of mind.

Our maintenance schemes are tailored to your needs and designed around your systems but will include regular visits to inspect computer hardware, network, software and computer hygiene. Why is this important?

Any computer that is neglected for long periods will show signs of overheating due to system fans and other parts being clogged with dust and debris, this can slow the computer and even close down the operating system software rendering the unit unusable. Hygiene on the outside is equally important to ensure smooth running of your computer, food debris, dried skin and dust all contribute but bacteria from operator use is another factor, therefore regular cleaning and removal of bacteria is a must.

Software including operating system, antivirus and spyware must all have the latest updates installed to ensure your computer (s) files are safe while connected to the Internet otherwise your vulnerable data could be hacked by unscrupulous individuals.

Regular system maintenance is an essential part of any business insurance requirement & safety from outside attack with regular backup is a must, ITM Computer Services has the solution, call us now for a quote or click here.

Help & Training

You may be new to computers, be a late starter, want to join the Internet crowd or have recently changed operating system and you may feel that you need some help through the initial learning stages. Your children too may need some extra tuition, either way ITM Computer Services can help.

We all learn and take on information in different ways, some of us pick it up quickly others need a bit more time and assistance, that is where ITM Computer Services can help. We will initially ask you what you want to learn and then see how much you currently know, this will then give us an idea of a good starting point for your training.

ITM will design a planned training route to get you to where you want to be in the shortest time, however this does not mean at a pace you cannot keep up with as it is tailored to the individuals needs and can be reviewed at any stage.

So need extra help setting up and learning a new computer or you want to know more about using Windows operating system, whatever your training needs contact ITM Computer Services now.

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